Anxiety Therapy

Do you feel like you’re under pressure all the time?

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Are there tasks that seem like they should be simple, but end up feeling monumental?

Does anxiety get in the way of doing the things you want?

Anxiety can be debilitating. You might be walking around with an impending sense of doom, even if you can’t put your finger on any external reason for it.

You might be worry endlessly about things you have no control over. You might experience complete terror when faced with a task you’ve easily been able to complete before, like what to make for dinner

 Anxiety doesn’t just show up as worries in your mind, you could also have physical symptoms.

You might be feeling like your chest is impossibly tight, experiencing constant stomach upset, and suffering with inexplicably sore muscles. When you try to explain your anxiety to family and friends, it just seems like they don’t get it or have grown tired of hearing about it.

We’ve All Been There

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, but it becomes a problem when it gets in the way of living the life you want to live.

You’ve probably had anxiety for a while, and you’ve been able to get some relief from it, sometimes. Maybe something terrible happened, like a bad car accident. Maybe anxiety started when you bombed an assignment at school. Maybe you can’t trace the beginning of your anxiety, but you know it’s always there.

No matter the source of your anxiety, there’s a good chance your anxiety has creeped far beyond where it started and is impacting your ability to be who you want to be.

Now you’re at a point where you just can’t bear this feeling anymore and you’ll take whatever little relief you get from not facing it.

A lot of people experience anxiety.

According to the NIH, between 3-30% of people experience anxiety symptoms severe enough to be qualify for a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder (these include panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and social phobia).

Anxiety is natural and important. 

It has helped human beings survive for a long time, but it can also become debilitating.

​As a human being, when anxiety pops up, your natural reaction is to avoid the thing causing anxiety. This works as intended when your life is actually in danger. Anxiety tells you to pay close attention, to only the one thing making you anxious…and, often, to get away!

If you see a bear, feel anxiety and panic, forget about everything around you, except escaping the bear…anxiety lets you leave with your life.

When you feel the same kind of anxiety around everyday things — like writing a term paper, important work responsibilities, or driving — avoiding that activity causes the feeling of anxiety to grow over time and it is often detrimental to the life we want.

Don’t let anxiety rule your life

When anxiety begins to rule your life, your life becomes smaller and smaller, and you’re no longer living the life you want to live.

The good news is the right support is out there! It is possible to start living the life you want. 

Together we’ll take a look at what you’ve tried, what worked and how it’s working now. With the right tools and support, first through understanding your experiences, and then having new experiences, you can get out of the spiral where it feels like anxiety is controlling your life.

With your commitment to finding and seeking the life you want and our expertise in behavioral science, you can actually experience relief from the symptoms of an anxiety disorder and, even better, find a path to connection with the rich, meaningful life anxiety has gotten in the way of.

Our approach is grounded in extensively researched behavioral science paired with evidence based interventions matched to your unique circumstances.

Imagine what life would feel like if you had

  • Increased confidence in facing obstacles
  • Practical and effective tools to cope with your anxiety when it appears
  • Greater understanding of how anxiety is working for and against you
  • More feelings of connection with the people you care about most
  • A sense of meaning and purpose for the things you’re doin

Connecting to the rich, meaningful life you want to live is possible.

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