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This is Grief • You are Not Alone

As a therapist in private practice, I am comfortable discussing a wide variety of life stressors. To be honest, right up until COVID-19 sent us all home, I felt I had more than a reasonable handle on exploring grief.  What I am realizing is this particular flavor of grief is more nuanced than any other […]

5 Tips for Better Sleep

By Shari Grande, LCSW Are you struggling with sleep? Insomnia is defined by having persistent problems falling and staying asleep.  You might not usually have insomnia, but if you’re having difficulty sleeping right now, there are some things you can do to improve your sleep! Many (most) of us are trying to adjust to new […]

Connection & Kindness in Uncertain Times

By Ellen Ross, PsyD I’ve been talking to many people over the past two weeks as our lives became dramatically different in a short period of time. Many people are feeling anxious. Anxiety can be unpleasant, painful, and overwhelming. While most people wouldn’t choose to feel anxiety, we’re living through a global pandemic. It’s okay […]

How to Shift your Holiday Obligations into Desires

It’s December. We’re in the thick of it. There’s shopping to be done, there are 100 reasons to run to the store and fight the crowds. There’s planning to accomplish and commitments to be managed. The days are shorter AND it feels like it’s been raining for an eternity here in San Jose. You might […]

This Holiday — Be Present Instead of Buying Presents

By Shari Grande, LCSW Let us focus our attention on a simpler time, 2006 to be exact prior to the invention of the iPhone. Back when meals with friends and family were more about being together and less about taking selfies of our food. We called our family on phones that were in the house, […]

Take a Moment: 5 Strategies to Manage Stress in Your Daily Life

By Ellen Ross, PsyD Last week, Shari wrote about The Most Wonderful Stressful Time of the Year. She shared some strategies like saying ‘no’ and talked about how preparation is key (if you missed it, check it out!) These months can feel overwhelming to manage, with the time change, shorter days, and busier schedules. What […]

Tips to Navigate the Most Wonderful Stressful Time of the Year

By Shari Grande, LCSW Happy Holidays! Let’s agree that the pressure of this time of year can take away from the meaning of the season, replacing it with stress and anxiety.  How I long for the good old days of my youth, where it was customary to wait until Black Friday to officially engage in […]